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  • Why you should concern yourself with Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • What it’s like to turn 40

    I’m writing this as if it’s something new. Like billions of humans across multiple millenium haven’t all experienced this exact same transition. It’s called many things and is celebrated or cursed in it’s own traditions across the world. For me it all started happening 5 years ago, but somehow became very palatable these last 3 months. Turning 40 just hit different.

    Life really does begin at 40. Up until then, you are just doing research.

    Carl G. Jung

    Realizing you have existed for 40 years causes you to contemplate on the things which usually start with the phrase “When I’m…”, because more likely than not, now “You are.” There is nothing particularly special about the number forty. It’s just the closest relative number to the current life expectancies half way point. I imagine 500 years ago, turning twenty might have carried similar weight. When you start becoming aware that you are approaching what was half of the time you will spend awake, conscious, alive, able and human that spance of time suddenly feels significantly longer than it felts as you were living it. (elaborate here)

    Things I have learned (1) Children or those generationally younger than you are the most important thing. (2) Love wins. (3) Having your own piece of land to cultivate. (4) There must be more than this (5) Time can not be wasted, but it also can never be reclaimed

  • Legacy

    #LEGACY • I probably think about this more than the average person. I’m probably obsessed with the concept of building things that matter deeply. Maybe that’s what fuels my devotion to @britni.fnvlife and these two little roommates of ours. Seeing life through their eyes is a daily reminder to find the good and excitement in every experience.

    We went to a monster truck show in January, something I distinctly remember from my childhood. Thanks to @gigglymom for the best seats in the house. Watching their anticipation for everything I already knew was going to happen was like being able to remove my the glasses of cynicism about the crowded overpriced souvenirs and food and just be present for something spectacular.

    Parenting may not be your legacy, but make sure you find something that will outlast your lifetime and commit to making whatever #legacy you are leaving behind is better than it was when you found it.

    If you read this far, thank you. Please consider following me or leave a comment below to let me know how this post resonated with you. My life changed drastically in 2018 and so has my #mindset. If you have #largerthanlife ideas and are #chasingyourdreams i’d love to connect hear your story.

  • Memories From The Last Summer

    My first true love happened when I was a student at Shaw University in Raleigh NC and I must say it was a wonderful experience. She was a freshman, and she was so beautiful with caramel skin and soft dark eyes.

    She had a sweet slim frame and curves of a finely chiseled piece of clay. Everybody knew her government name, but, eventually they knew her by the name I affectionately called her by, “Blue”.

    Blue and I shared some really wonderful moments and I can’t even write this without smiling as I think about some of the times we spent together. We would walk through downtown Raleigh holding hands talking and laughing like we were kids. I remember spending my laundry money on a hotel room so that we could have some private time together to share some romance and be intimate.

    Love Letters

    We would meet for breakfast, lunch and or dinner throughout the semester without the theatre crew or catch a meal at the local McDonalds across the street. School breaks were the hardest time since she lived in Michigan and I lived in New York, but we tried to make the best of it by writing letters or at that time using “cassette tape letters” and we would mail them back and forth.

    There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.

    Sarah Dessen

    Let me tell you, this was so hard because you’d have to wait a week or so to receive one back, and waiting for those tapes were some of the longest days of my life because I was in love. However, when they arrived hearing her voice as she talked to me was the best feeling in the world.

    One break a buddy of mine, who had a car, drove us to the airport so she could catch a flight home. She cried as we hugged and she turned to walk down the ramp leading to her plane. My heart hurt so bad I wanted to let a tear fall, but I couldn’t cause my boy was with me and at that time men weren’t supposed to cry in that situation. I must tell you since then, I have shed many a tear in front of certain women I loved, not too many but, definitely a few.

    Beautiful Love

    Now back to the story, how did I know I was in love? You usually don’t know what you have until you lose it or that special person. A situation happened where I was in the wrong place, the wrong time with the wrong person which led to us breaking up. I will admit it was my fault for the decision to be in that situation. Unfortunately, I still feel to this day that one of my closest friends snitched on me to his girl which happened to be the best friend of Blue.

    I still take the full blame though cause I was young, immature and selfish at that time in college. The relationship ended and we were both affected in serious ways and it took me four years to shake the guilt, get forgiveness and move on with my life. There were days I was so depressed that I couldn’t even understand what was going on with me…love and a broken heart will do that to you. Today Blue still holds a special place in my heart because she was really my first true love.

  • Weekend In A Mountain Valley

    A romantic journey is the best way to fill your relationship with a loved one with new feelings and vivid emotions. This journey will leave only pleasant impressions and will be the beginning of a new stage of your life.

    Many couples in love choose Spain as a place for solemn registration of marriage or a honeymoon. This country attracts attention with its hot sun and beautiful beaches. Spain is known for its small cozy towns, endless coastline, palm trees, orange gardens, and fascinating history of the state itself.

    Spain is also a country of contrasts. Noisy Ibiza will be great for lovers of outdoor activities and sleepless nights; Port de Pollen?a will become a paradise for those who want to relax and to spend romantic evenings together. Barcelona is famous for its sights. The city has a huge number of comfortable hotels with rooms for lovebirds and newlyweds. Spain is one of the oldest countries in Europe. So, it always has something to tell you!

    Holidays in Italy

    Italy is a favorite holiday destination for lovers. After all, it is the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet. It was in this country, in Verona, that the loving-tragic events of the famous play took place. Everyone can visit the courtyard at Juliet`s house and even watch a theatrical performance. Every year in Verona, on the eve of St. Valentine`s Day, the festival Verona In Love is held. These events are certainly connected with the tragedy of Shakespeare. Part of the city is decorated with illumination in the form of large and small hearts. There are performances, food and wine tastings, and fairs on the streets.

    If you prefer to know the country from within, then you have to visit Rome. It is famous for its history and many museums, attractions and delicious cuisine. The castle, which is located in the vicinity of Rome, is another popular place for lovers. In this place a lot of marriages are concluded.

    Italy is famous for its wines. Therefore, wine connoisseurs simply have to visit the Chianti Valley. Here you can not only taste wine, but also get a wine therapy. In Venice, you will gain an indescribable experience while going on a gondola. Italy is a country of real, bold relationships and feelings!

    Holidays in France

    Most couples in love prefer popular France for such trips. It has long been famous for its romantic mood, lots of attractions and beautiful architecture. If you go to France, you will have a unique opportunity to visit Paris with its famous Eiffel Tower, take a bird`s-eye view of the city, walk around de Gaulle Square with its Arc de Triomphe, where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Eternal Flame are located, and visit Notre-Dame Cathedral.

    You can also stroll along the Champs Elyses and go shopping or have a delicious lunch and romantic dinner, and visit many other famous sights and cities of the French state.

    Holidays in Greece

    Greece is famous for its wonderful places that cause inexpressible emotions. Santorini, Rhodes, Chania, Athens and many more islands and cities will evoke delight in any person. Santorini is the most romantic place in Greece. Fira is the capital of Santorini. The narrow streets interlace the city. It is impossible to ignore the small white churches with blue domes, which are built directly on volcanic rocks.

    Athens is the capital of Greece. It has a lot of riddles and secrets, which are still unsolved. This attracts tourists who like not only to enjoy romantic evenings, but also to learn the history of the state, get acquainted with its sights and culture. In order to experience the nightlife of the Greek state, you should also visit the island of Rhodes. Numerous bars and nightclubs, which attract tourists with their loud music and bright lights, are replaced by cozy cafes for romantic gatherings during the day. You can choose how to spend time with your soulmate!

    Holidays in Germany

    Germany is a country of palaces and castles, flowering gardens and wide rivers. It is an ideal place for a romantic trip. A wedding trip to the cities of Germany can become one of the most unforgettable moments of your life. Be sure to visit Berlin, the capital of Germany. A lot of romantic places and hotels for newlyweds attract many tourists. In Berlin, you can visit the Berlin Zoo and the Aquarium, which is built by a Russian architect.

    The Romantic Road is one of the popular places for lovers. This route runs through Bavaria and Baden-Wrttemberg and offers the most picturesque cities and mysterious castles, and it ends with a breathtaking view of the Bavarian Alps. Germany offers its guests to get acquainted with the Rhine. It was nicknamed Romantic Rhine by the locals. Part of the riverbed spreads along the grape hills and ancient castles. This beauty cannot be described in words, it must be seen!

    So, you can visit so many wonderful places. You just have to choose the country for recreation or visit them all one by one.