What it’s like to turn 40

I’m writing this as if it’s something new. Like billions of humans across multiple millenium haven’t all experienced this exact same transition. It’s called many things and is celebrated or cursed in it’s own traditions across the world. For me it all started happening 5 years ago, but somehow became very palatable these last 3 months. Turning 40 just hit different.

Life really does begin at 40. Up until then, you are just doing research.

Carl G. Jung

Realizing you have existed for 40 years causes you to contemplate on the things which usually start with the phrase “When I’m…”, because more likely than not, now “You are.” There is nothing particularly special about the number forty. It’s just the closest relative number to the current life expectancies half way point. I imagine 500 years ago, turning twenty might have carried similar weight. When you start becoming aware that you are approaching what was half of the time you will spend awake, conscious, alive, able and human that spance of time suddenly feels significantly longer than it felts as you were living it. (elaborate here)

Things I have learned (1) Children or those generationally younger than you are the most important thing. (2) Love wins. (3) Having your own piece of land to cultivate. (4) There must be more than this (5) Time can not be wasted, but it also can never be reclaimed

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