Just A Glimpse

HOW : By developing unique ideas, products, technology and real estate that operate efficiently and provide the best experience possible. Mostly, I work with brands and seed stage start-ups to find unique solutions for marketing, monetization and sales problems. Most of my projects and ventures can be followed at Webster + Company, the evolution of “Collide Brand Partners”, a brand positioning and strategy company I built over a decade while pioneering concepts like “Conditional Branding”, “User Experience” and “Co-Working Space” long before anyone with access to Google could started proclaiming themselves pseudo experts in these fields… Sheeesh.

PAST WORK : I’ve worked with big global companies such as BMW, Land Rover, Century 21 and many smaller individuals and organizations. I have had front row seats to many pioneering ideas, poorly executed ideas and failed ideas.

It doesn’t matter if it’s one person, a boardroom of executives or a stadium full of energetic hopefuls. Inspiring people to discover big ideas takes a little bit of magic and a the ability to expand possibility. If you want to know more about how I can do this at your next meeting or event, Please just ask for my “Handshake Kit” or visit www.TravisWebster.com

LIGHTBULB TO LANDFILL (Podcast Series & Book) :
I’m on a mission to seek out others like me. Those who have ideas, chase after them and never look back. I want to help share their stories, experience, tools, warnings or resources with the next generation of dreamers, makers, doers and anyone else chasing their idea.