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#LEGACY • I probably think about this more than the average person. I’m probably obsessed with the concept of building things that matter deeply. Maybe that’s what fuels my devotion to @britni.fnvlife and these two little roommates of ours. Seeing life through their eyes is a daily reminder to find the good and excitement in every experience.

We went to a monster truck show in January, something I distinctly remember from my childhood. Thanks to @gigglymom for the best seats in the house. Watching their anticipation for everything I already knew was going to happen was like being able to remove my the glasses of cynicism about the crowded overpriced souvenirs and food and just be present for something spectacular.

Parenting may not be your legacy, but make sure you find something that will outlast your lifetime and commit to making whatever #legacy you are leaving behind is better than it was when you found it.

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