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A developer. I develop ideas, products, technology and real estate. Mostly, I work with large global brands and seed stage start-ups to find unique solutions for marketing, monetization and sales problems. I built a brand positioning and strategy company called Collide Factory which pioneered concepts like “Conditional Branding”, “User Experience” and “Co-Working Space” long before anyone with access to Google started proclaimed themselves branding and digital media experts… Sheeesh.

I’ve worked with big global companies such as BMW, Land Rover, MINI, Century 21, Keller Williams and many smaller companies that you’ve probably have never heard of. Through all this I have had front row seats to many pioneering ideas, poorly executed ideas and failed ideas. Now, I’m on a mission to seek out others like me. Those who have ideas, chase after them and never look back. I direct and share their stories, experience, tools, warnings and resources with my clients and with anyone else with an idea.

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